Yolanda Asumu – Founder, iCUBEFARM HR Services, Equatorial Guinea

Yolanda Asumu is an Equatorial Guinean based entrepreneur and philanthropist. She was born in the United States of America but moved to Equatorial Guinea after her Undergraduate Degree to work for Walter International’s Equatorial Guinean Branch in their early ventures in the country’s Oil and Gas sector.

Mrs Asumu’s Statement:

“We are unapologetic about our belief that Africa’s most valuable resource is its people and that Africa’s economic transformation can only come as a result of an absolute empowerment of its workforce. Thus, we make it our responsibility to provide youth with information and opportunities that can transform their lives and maximize their productive potential”

Founder of iCUBEFARM EG SL

President of iCUBEFARM Foundation

Promoter of the Africa HR Forum

In 1996, Yolanda founded BBC GE SL, a prominent personnel management

services company which provided manpower services to major companies operating in Equatorial Guinea’s oil sector

Yolanda is also Founder and currently CEO of ICUBEFARM GE SL, (www.icubefarm.com) an Equatorial Guinean company which, amongst other things, provides a pan-African professional network and employment-oriented portal with a widespread reach across Central African countries. As Director of ICUBEFARM, she has successfully leveraged prime skills, experience and expertise to build a truly pan-African employment network to help organizations ease the way they interact with prospective job seekers throughout the hiring process. With a rapidly increasing database of businesses and skilled job seekers registered on the platform. iCUBEFARM is providing businesses, active professionals and job seekers with a common digital platform wherein they can meet, interact, share information, grow professionally and gain employment.

Yolanda recently created the, iCUBEFARM Foundation, (www.icubefarmfoundation.org) as a philanthropic arm of her company devoted to providing educational opportunities for the empowerment of young African professionals and entrepreneurs in their endeavor to secure decent work, economic opportunity and financial freedom. The Foundation is currently developing projects that are in alignment with this social purpose, to benefit a generic group of African Youths in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Congo.

Yolanda is also the promoter of the Africa HR Forum, (www.africahrforum.com)  a  prestigious Human Resource event, which had its inaugural session in 2020.

Get in touch with her for collaboration in Human Resources empowerment through her social media handles